WELCOME TO Ceylon Organic Spices

A division of Colombo Export & Import Agencies (PVT) Ltd – (CEIAL)

In a world that is moving rapidly into one that incorporates science into food, organic spices have always remained as a strong favorite amongst Michelin-chefs, health nuts, homemakers or just about anyone you can think of!

Spices continue to be a popular go-to used by flavour fanatics, be it to instantly add panache to a dish or to subtly uplift it.

Sri Lanka, from when it was known as Thambapani, Serendib & later Ceylon has been well-known for it's reputation as the World's largest exporter of only the best quality spices. Apart from acting as food-enhancers, they are also known for their splendid, all-natural medicinal properties. Used widely in Ayurveda, Sri Lankan indigenous medicine, the essential oils and antioxidants that spices yield are unparalleled and yet to be suitably substituted.

Ceylon Organic Spices, A division of Colombo Export & Import Agencies (PVT) Ltd – (CEIAL) , has proudly maintained these high standards combined with the rich heritage of this little island, by supplying only the best-quality organic spices that are locally sourced.