Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon, a spice that is indigenous to Sri Lanka, is popularly known as the “Queen of all spices” owing to its rich fragrance that just automatically enhances the flavor and quality of any food that it is added to. It’s heady, sweet-smelling scent is adored by many the world-over and in fact, is generally associated with the festive seasons for it’s luxurious, yet warm, qualities.

It is often substituted, albeit weakly, by its more inferior counterpart known as Cassia. However, Cassia does no justice to the distinctive aroma of what Ceylon Cinnamon exudes which is why the latter has been aptly coined as “true cinnamon” (Cinnamomum zeylanicum).

Sri Lanka, is the proud exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon, and caters to 90% of the World’s demand for Cinnamon. Apart from its vast use in food products, Cinnamon is also a common favorite amongst the ladies for its properties that contribute to weight loss.