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Is your Cinnamon the True Cinnamon?

Ceylon Cinnamon, the True Cinnamon is native only to Sri lanka, primarily known as Ceylon, the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Our products at Ceylon Organic Spices are 100% organic and grown in Sri Lankan soil. Our Cinnamon is the most purest Cinnamon from Sri lank, from sustainable farming, organic certified, BRC and ISO standard packaging and manufacturing. We offer you the best produce of Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Cinnamon has many health benefits. If so, can I consume it on a daily basis?

Yes, Ceylon Cinnamon is packed with natural goodness and can be consumed moderately daily. It will not affect your health all Ceylon Organic Spices products are organic and 100% natural.

Does cinnamon help gain weight?

Many use cinnamon as a weight management and weight reduction spice, if you are particularly looking at gaining weight you can try using the cinnamon on various carb dishes for a fantastic taste that will promote more healthy eating, which can in return help you to gain weight.

Meanwhile as mentioned Ceylon Organic Spices Ceylon Cinnamon is a great source for weight management and maintenance.


Organic spices are usually expensive. How do I benefit from using organic spices in my dishes?

Organic spices end up being Marketed on a higher scale due to the extensive certifications, audits and processes that involve I ensuring that form the soil being organic there is no chemicals involved until its processed, packed and dispatched. Ensuring that no preservatives or additives are used comes with expertise on drying and manually processing each spice. Organic is the healthy way forward, for you and your loved ones, opt for Ceylon Organic Spices organic products for your lifestyle.

How can I use cloves in oral care?

Cloves have been a traditional medicine for oral care, locally in Sri Lanka, the first home remedy for a toothache or headache close to the jaw is immediately reduced by crunching on a clove for about 30 minutes, at most cases they subsite immediately but it help to ease the pain until further dental analysis can be made.

Frequent use of Ceylon Organic Spices Cloves helps to keep the teeth free of decay, tartar and helps the breath smell fresh and light.


Is your Moringa powder USDA certified and what other certifications do you carry ?

Ceylon Organic Spices Moringa powder is harvested from organic Non-GMO moringa leaves that are grown in Sri Lanka. Our Moringa is USDA and EU organic certified, Vegan registered by the Vegan society and we carry the transaction certificates that prove the traceability and origin of the product. The Moringa leaves are dried, grinded, processed and packed in our own facility that is ISO 22000 and BRC certified.

How long does Moringa powder last? Does it have an expiry date ?

Yes, the marked and recommended expiry is 2 years from date of manufacture, since Ceylon Organic Spices does not use any sort of preservatives or additives we recommend only 2 years shelf life.

Is moringa a superfood ?

Yes, Ceylon Organic Spices Moringa is a superfood and can be consumed on cooking, baking, blended with juices and smoothies. Our Moringa powder can be consumed by mixing only with water as well.


I use organic turmeric powder as part of my beauty routine. Is your turmeric powder safe for skin applications?

Yes, Our recommendation to anyone is use pure, natural and organic products on your food and skin, we at Ceylon Organic Spices grow 100% natural organic products and ensure they are chemical free until dispatched. Our turmeric can be used regularly for skin, for food and even on hair, it’s a great home remedy for a vast number of sicknesses and skin rashes.

I have heard that Turmeric can be used for cuts and bruises, How effective is your Turmeric?

Turmeric can be used for immediate cuts, to help kill bacteria or viruses that can enter a wound. This is a home remedy used in Asian regions, it is not a alternative for tetanus but it does help s an immediate home remedy.


I have heard that Turmeric can be used for cuts and bruises, How effective is your Turmeric?

Ceylon organic Spices mace is of Sri Lankan/ Ceylon origin, the mace organically comes enclosing the Nutmeg shell, our team carefully and hygienically removes the Mace and sorts them to be cleaned, dried and packed. Since we have no additives in any spice, the mace will start to naturally lose color over time, from red it turns orange and then yellow, still it is good to use when its yellow as long as its within the expiry date.

Is mace used only for medicinal purposes? Can't I eat it raw by adding it to breakfast in the morning?

Mace is a very popular ingredient in the Asian region; it is used for desserts, puddings and also used for main courses and dishes, the famous Indian Biryani’s main component for flavor is a mix of spices and the Mace is the highest tasting secret ingredient in the cuisine.


What can I use nutmeg for?

Ceylon Organic Spices nutmeg plays a very vital role in aroma and most importantly giving a premium taste and after-taste once consumed. Nutmeg is used for a number of desserts and puddings, most famously for bread puddings, where adding this mild spice to the pudding makes everyone, young and old enjoy it more and want to keep coming back for more.

Can I incorporate nutmeg into my tea or coffee?

We at Ceylon Organic Spices provide our spices in whole and powder form, a pinch of Nutmeg is great to be used on tea or coffee, it helps with digestion and also neutralizes excessive worms in the gut.


Can I know the difference in flavor between white pepper and black pepper?

Ceylon Organic Spices White pepper is comparatively stronger in aroma, flavor and spice than the black pepper. While both are harvested from the same plant, their processes on picking and drying are different. White pepper is used as an hidden spice, black pepper and chilies give out the color and can be recognized but the white pepper is the hidden secret, while it gives a aromatic smell, a great taste the white pepper also is packed with a number of health benefits.

Black pepper and white pepper comes from the same plant, so are the benefits same?

Yes, they are close to same, however their picking and drying process is different but keeps the health benefits in tact.


There are various pesticides free and natural black pepper for cheaper rates, how do I know which ones the best to pick?

No doubt the Sri Lankan black pepper is much better in taste and quality, and most importantly they are farmed in Sri Lanka, where the soil is not manipulated to artificially promote growth. All our pepper plants are Non-GMO, and are certified organic by USDA and EU. The Ceylon pepper is much safer and has no pesticides or acids on them compared to pepper from Vietnam or Indonesia.

What is the process in after the pepper fruits are ripen? How do you ensure no additives are used in the latter stages before packaging?

Ceylon Organic Spices facilities are certified ISO 22000 and BRC, we have been audited and passes all requirements to be a chemical free certified facility. We free trade with all our farmers and ensure that they sustainable farm their products and are equally benefitted and grow with us, thus motivating them to produce more organic products.

Once the products are handpicked, they are sent to the facility to be cleaned, sorted and machine dried, every process and at every stage is quality checked to ensure nothing but the most premium product leaves the facility.
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