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Organic Nutmeg is the spice derived from the tree Myristicafragrans. Used as immediate pick-me-up in foods to boost the taste. Nutmeg is also well-known for its medicinal properties.

Nutmeg powder and nutmeg seeds are taken by those commonly affected with Migraines that result in trouble concentrating, being comfortable and most importantly sleeping. Sleepless nights follow with long-lasting headaches and discomfort. A quick home remedy is to create a nutmeg paste massage, with nutmeg powder and water, and place on your forehead to be immediately relieved. Nutmeg is also a sleep-inducing spice so consumption of it could give you healthy naps.

Nutmeg, with shell, without shell or powder, is a great cooking ingredient and it helps in digestion, helps treat insomnia, relieves muscle pain, accelerates the brains healthy, helps blood pressure circulation and gives gorgeous skin. Nutmeg from Ceylon Organic Spices is a powerhouse skincare ingredient with its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and astringent properties it can brighten dull skin and treat acne.

Nutmeg from Ceylon Organic Spices are Afla free and are available in a variety of sizes and qualities (No 1 and ABCD Nutmeg quality). We are exporters of nutmeg to EU region, US, Gulf, and Asian Regions, Ceylon Organic Spices are main suppliers of nutmeg for Indian companies who are focused on organic raw materials for their final products.

Traditionally used in multiple dishes in Asian regions, now the Nutmeg is well known for an extra taste in spiced cookies, nutmeg bites, and spiced Christmas cake. Wondering how to use nutmeg in cooking? Nutmeg has a slightly warm taste, a fragrance and adds a lot of flavors to bake goods, check our Instagram feed for recipes and the know-how of using the spice.

There are multiple vegan dishes that use nutmeg to enhance the flavor of the dish, dairy-free eggnog drink is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat. It only gets better with some Ceylon Organic Spices  true Ceylon cinnamon

We at Ceylon Organic Spices are manufacturers and main suppliers of nutmeg with shell, nutmeg without shell and nutmeg powder Contact us if you wish to purchase in bulk or wholesale.

Ceylon Organic Spices are manufactures of chemical and pesticide-free organic Ceylon origin Nutmeg whole, Nutmeg with or without shell and Nutmeg powder, in retail and bulk from certified organic farmers, halal, USDA, EU, and Vegan certified. We are BRC, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP certified and consistently train farmers on integrated farming methods and intercropping. We wish to uplift our farmer’s livelihoods with the best intention of protecting the environment.

Contact us  if you wish to purchase in bulk or wholesale.

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